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Episode 258: A Birthday Trip to Dark City

  E3 occurred this week to lukewarm fanfare, but the boys talk about some of their favorite gaming announcements as well as pay tribute to the late Adam West in this week’s Talk Nerdy to Me. In a change-up from his typical birthday challenges, Myles serves up one of his favorite movies that isn’t more aligned with being incredibad and instead chooses a more shadowy path: 1998 the neo-noir science fiction film, Dark City, for this week’s challenge!   Listen Here: Next Week’s Challenge: Watch Star vs The Forces of Evil!

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Episode 257: StarCrossed with Francesca and Mike of Contigo Games!

Summer is here and we’ve got a lengthy Talk Nerdy to let you know of all the fun nerdy stuff we’re getting into while beating the heat. Most special of all, Francesca Carletto-Leon and Mike Flood from Contigo Games join us to talk about one of our favorite gaming experiences of PAX 2017, StarCrossed! We had a ball talking the origins of the game, the mechanics, and the value of quick, replayable, fun games throughout our friendly chat with these excellent game makers! Note: Francesca ALSO has a podcast: IndieComplete! Listen Here: Next Week’s Challenge: Myles’ Birthday Challenge: Watch Dark City!

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Myles’ Anime Summer Vacation! Part 1

As many of you know, I watch a massive amount of currently-airing shows. But summertime tends to bring a bit of reprieve as every returning show is on its seasonal break. While a handful ofmy shows air during the summer (Orphan Black, Preacher),  I’ve found that this summer is particularly dry for me. One of my constant complaints any time we do an anime challenge is that it’s the one medium I somehow seldom make or have time for. Sure, I’ll see the odd show or film here and there, but nothing compared to the degree of which I consume virtually…

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Episode 254: Hunter X Hunter

Destiny 2 had its content reveal with week, so you KNOW we had to talk about that. Star Trek: Discover had its first proper teaser this week, so you KNOW we had to talk about that. Basically,we’ve got a jam packed Talk Nerdy before we attack this week’s challenge: the utterly charming manga, Hunter X Hunter! Next Week’s Challenge: Star Wars 40th with Fan Theory World Podcast Listen Here:

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Episode 253 – Tokyo Ghoul

This week we invade the 20th ward as we were challenged for the first seven episodes of the anime phenomenon, Tokyo Ghoul! We dive into what about this show has attracted such a large audience, and what worked and didn’t always work for the three of us. But before that, we do a somewhat lengthy Talk Nerdy, which includes discussing the trailer for the sequel of one of Patrick’s all-time favorite films, Blade Runner! Listen Here: Next Week’s Challenge: Read the manga Hunter X Hunter (first 4 volumes)

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Episode 251: MULTIPASS: 20 Years of The Fifth Element!

  Following last week’s foray into pulp heroes, we spent a little of our Talk Nerdy on the recent crossover between Batman and classic pulp vigilante, The Shadow! The rest, we spend arguing over TV adaptations before going into our 20th anniversary celebration of The Fifth Element! On top of gushing over this insanely fun film, we delve into some of the factors we think cemented this film as a genuine nerd and genre classic! Listen Here: Next Week’s Challenge: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 SPOILERCAST!

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