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Month: August 2015

Episode 171: Sword Art Online

Myles, Patrick, and Drew are stuck inside a podcast with no way of logging out! Luckily, Mitch Hutts, owner of The Drunken Moogle is here to help. Mitch and the guys discuss the popular anime, Sword Art Online as well as the nature of MMORPGs and what the series gets right about them! Listen here: Next challenge: Watch Gravity Falls Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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Page Turner: Shattered Blue by Lauren Bird Horowitz

Tropes aren’t always a bad thing. They sometimes still serve as fun devices, or get reworked in a way that either makes a case for them or transforms into something refreshing. A number of those tropes aren’t bad to start with, which is why they get used so much. Then there are others. The ones that remind us why we accuse things of relying on them to begin with. Unfortunately, Lauren Bird Horowitz’s Shattered Blue employs the latter. Horowitz is in no way a bad writer nor is Shattered Blue a bad story at its core; however, an overuse of…

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Patrick and Myles’ Comic Book Buy Pile 8/26/15

Myles: As I mentioned last month, IDW Publishing‘s Godzilla in Hell is a conceptual dream come true. My concern was as great as this concept was, the risk of it slipping into simple novelty with the subsequent issues would run high. But the fine folks at IDW retain the concept’s freshness, aided in part by their novel approach to the series: having a different creator craft each individual issue that chronicles Godzilla’s trek through various levels or domains of Hell. Noted sci-fi/fantasy/horror artist, Bob Eggleton, takes over the writing and artistic duties for Godzilla in Hell #2 to astounding results. Unlike…

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Episode 170 – Who IS The Ice Cream Man?

We’re joined by Writer/Director, Jason A. Wallace, and Director of Photography, Brett A. Frager, to talk about their fantastic horror film project, The Ice Cream Man, which is currently on Kickstarter now! We had a blast  discussing filmmaking, the industry, and what makes an effective horror film! Listen here: Next challenge: Watch Sword Art Online Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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Patrick and Myles’ Comic Book Buy Pile 8/19/15

Myles: Boom Studios has been celebrating its tenth anniversary in quite a fashion: by releasing some of its most creatively inspired and diverse original titles to date. 2015 has seen an amazing output from Boom, who can happily add Welcome Back the list. Welcome Back #1, which comes from Christopher Sebela and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, details the seemingly dead-end life of Mali, a mid-twenties slacker stuck in  an endless rut. See, she used to be “normal,” until it turned out her dad was a serial killer and her world came crashing down. Now, having changed her name, she struggles to get by…

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Episode 169 – Batman Birthday Bash

Holy annual celebrations, Batman! It’s Drew’s birthday! This year, we held a live event where we watched the 1966 classic, Batman: The Movie, in honor of the event. Instead of simply reviewing it, we did a live conversation/commentary of the entire film. This episode works best if you watch along with us. Don’t worry, we tell you when we begin the film. Listen here: Next challenge: Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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Patrick and Myles’ Comic Book Buy Pile 8/12/15

Patrick: My favorite book this week was the first issue of DC comic’s limited series “Bombshells” written by Marguerite Bennett and art by Marguerite Sauvage.  So this week was super hard to pick a stand-out Top-O-The-Pile pick, because there were so many amazing books to release. I want to get back and talk about Phonogram, Mercury Heat and The Eltingville Club, but the physical release of “Bombshells” was so much fun it won out. If you missed the digital release do pick up this book this week, you will not be disappointed. So here we have a fun and beautiful Elseworlds…

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Episode 168: Anthony Breznican: Brutal Brez

There’s been quite of bit of nerd news the last few weeks! To aid us in sorting through it,  we enlist novelist, senior staff writer at Entertainment Weekly and new #secretbestfriend, Anthony Breznican, to discuss the new Deadpool movie, Star Wars, X-Men, reporting nerd news for EW, as well as his stunning acclaimed debut novel, Brutal Youth. Listen here: Next challenge:  Drew’s Batty Birthday Challenge! Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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Page Turner: Dark Room by Tom Becker Book Review

Tom Becker’s Dark Room forgoes the supernatural romance trappings of YA genre fiction for a stab at the classic genre. Horror aimed at a teen audience, especially in fiction as opposed to film, walks a razor’s edge. You can’t be too graphic with your violence, sexual themes, or language, but if you only brush with those subjects with no real commitment, the story can also loose its teeth. It’s an unenviable position for a writer to be in and Becker tries to straddle that line with some success. The story revolves around teenage Darla and her father, a lifelong grifter, settling…

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TMYN’s Comic Book Buy Pile 8/5/15

Myles: UFOlogy #4 continues the patient, methodical pace James Tynion IV and Noah J. Yuenkel have set for their science fiction tale and serves as reason as to why so many people should be checking out the insanely wonderful creator-owned work Boom Studios is putting out these days. Tl;dr version of the story so far: Becky Finch is just trying to survive her teenage years without having to think about much else. Unfortunately for her, she’s marked (quote literally) by an extraterrestrial and thrown into a series of events she neither prepared nor asked for. Teaming up with Malcolm Chamber, the…

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