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Episode 240: Re: Zero Is An Excellent Anime, I Suppose!

After a grueling Talk Nerdy To Me, where Myles attempts to discuss his dissatisfaction with Rings, the third film in the American horror franchise, despite Drew and Patrick’s attempt at a bit, the guys cannot help but gush over their newfound love of the truly excellent anime: Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World! If you’d like to donate to help our listener with their dogs’ medical bills, click here! Listen Here: Next Week’s Challenge: Watch No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers

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Episode 232: TMYN’s Kdrama Challenge is H.O.T.!

We had a tooooon of video game stuff to cover for Talk Nerdy this week after taking a break before getting into a brand new realm for us: the world of Korean Dramas! We watch The Master’s Sun, Coffee Prince, and Reply 1997! Join us as we venture into our first foray with Kdramas and our impressions of the cultural phenomenon. Listen here: Next Week’s Challenge: Watch Coraline!

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Episode 231: Starbound. STAAAARBOUND!

Once again, we give updates on our creative projects before drifting into a little Talk Nerdy. This week, we disucss our surprisingly positive reactions to the Ghost in the Shell trailer. Afterwards, we tackle our long awaited Starbound challenge, diving into what did or didn’t resonate with us about the game, and sandbox games in general! Listen here: Next Week’s Challenge: Finally play Starbound!

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