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Episode 243 – All I Want To Do Is To Watch More Steven U

We’re returning to our favorite Crystal Gems this week! This time, Patrick has cooked up a list of story and character-centric episodes of Steven Universe that showcase the emotional gravitas the show is known. Stuff you can’t quite grab from the first 7 eps of our initial challenge. But before that we Talk Nerdy about the newly announced Nightwing film, and which actor could have the assets to fit the character. Next Week’s Challenge: Listen Here:

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Episode 242: Zodiac Starforce!

Our Talk Nerdy segment this week is all movie reviews! For the first time in ages, all three nerds went to different movies for non-challenge flicks. Well, technically, Myles went twice. After that, we summon the power of Astra to discuss the truly excellent title from Dark Horse Comics, Zodiac Starforce! Next Week’s Challenge: Patrick’s Rewind Challenge: Steven Universe Episode Watch List: 1-12 “Giant Woman” 1-16 “Steven the Sword Fighter” 1-17 “Lion 2: The Movie” 1-20 “Coach Steven” 1-25 “Mirror Gem” (Part 1) 1-26 “Ocean Gem” (Part 2) 1-37 “Alone Together” 1-40 “On the Run” 1-45 “Rose’s Scabbard” 1-49 “The Message” 1-51…

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Episode 240: Re: Zero Is An Excellent Anime, I Suppose!

After a grueling Talk Nerdy To Me, where Myles attempts to discuss his dissatisfaction with Rings, the third film in the American horror franchise, despite Drew and Patrick’s attempt at a bit, the guys cannot help but gush over their newfound love of the truly excellent anime: Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World! If you’d like to donate to help our listener with their dogs’ medical bills, click here! Listen Here: Next Week’s Challenge: Watch No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers

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Episode 227: NYCC 2016 Special!

New York ComicCon happened last weekend, where a number of incredibly exciting announcements and reveals took place. After some Talk Nerdy To Me, the boys dive right into all of the comic, TV, and movie news that happened at the con this week. Spoiler: Myles goes nuts for the Power Rangers trailer. Listen here: Next Week’s Challenge: A one week break, then our Halloween Special: Watch IT FOLLOWS

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Episode 216: Star Trek Beyond, Thunderdome

Spoilers: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Nerd. Its continuing mission to expand nerd horizons by engaging in weekly challenges. This week, the crew finds themselves face to face with the brand new offering of a beloved franchise: Star Trek Beyond. Will the Kelvin universe consume them? Listen here: Fortnight’s Challenge: San Diego Comic Con News Special

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Episode 187: 2015 Year End Extravaganza!

Drew, Myles and Patrick close the book on 2015 by going through some of their favorite things this year! From movies to comics to even favorite challenges, the boys offer mini “Best Of” lists before ringing in the New Year. BONUS: We announce and SING the winning entry for our Nerd Holiday Carol Contest! Enjoy and see you in 2016! Listen here: Next challenge: Read Nextwave #1-12 by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immomen Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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Episode 177: Back to Back to the Future Part II

GREAT SCOTT! On October 21, 2015, Marty McFly is opposed to arrive from 1985! In preparation, Drew, Myles, and Patrick take a look at the classic sequel, Back to The Future Part II. We discuss the film, but, more importantly, compare and contrast the visions of what writers from the 1980’s thought what 2015 would be like. Listen here: Next challenge: New York City Comic Con Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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Episode 163: MOTO SURF!

For Myles’ birthday, the guys watch the 1993 ‘classic’ (according to Myles) martial arts comedy, Surf Ninjas. Though, Patrick and Drew drag the good Surf Ninjas name through the mud, hysterics are still had and they all walked away learning a little something about themselves and the meaning of life: Moto surfing. Listen here: Next challenge:  Watch No Retreat, No Surrender Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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Episode 156: Avengers: Age of Ultron SPOILERCAST

Joss Whedon unleashed Avengers: Age of Ultron this past weekend, the rabidly awaited Marvel event film that sets the course for the next phase of their cinematic universe. Drew, Myles, and Patrick share their thoughts and unwavering love in a fashion that would sooth even the Hulk’s anger. WARNING: Contains massive spoilers for the film! Listen here: Next challenge:  Gargoyles Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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