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Episode 242: Zodiac Starforce!


Our Talk Nerdy segment this week is all movie reviews! For the first time in ages, all three nerds went to different movies for non-challenge flicks. Well, technically, Myles went twice. After that, we summon the power of Astra to discuss the truly excellent title from Dark Horse Comics, Zodiac Starforce!

Next Week’s Challenge: Patrick’s Rewind Challenge: Steven Universe

Episode Watch List:

1-12 “Giant Woman”
1-16 “Steven the Sword Fighter”
1-17 “Lion 2: The Movie”
1-20 “Coach Steven”
1-25 “Mirror Gem” (Part 1)
1-26 “Ocean Gem” (Part 2)
1-37 “Alone Together”
1-40 “On the Run”
1-45 “Rose’s Scabbard”
1-49 “The Message”
1-51 “The Return” (Part 1)
1-52 “Jail Break” (Part 2)
2-01 “Full Disclosure”
2-06 “Sworn to the Sword”
2-22 “The Answer”

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