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Patrick and Myles’ Comic Book Buy Pile 8/19/15

Myles: Boom Studios has been celebrating its tenth anniversary in quite a fashion: by releasing some of its most creatively inspired and diverse original titles to date. 2015 has seen an amazing output from Boom, who can happily add Welcome Back the list. Welcome Back #1, which comes from Christopher Sebela and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, details the seemingly dead-end life of Mali, a mid-twenties slacker stuck in  an endless rut. See, she used to be “normal,” until it turned out her dad was a serial killer and her world came crashing down. Now, having changed her name, she struggles to get by…

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TMYN’s Comic Book Buy Pile 7/22/15

Myles: Archie vs Predator #4 It always had to end like this. No story detailing a clash between the denizens Riverdale and the Predator could sing its swan song without coming down to a battle between the alien menace and the dynamic duo of Betty and Veronica. Alex de Campi revs the story into full Grindhouse mode with her art team of Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski,  and Jason Millet. Throughout the 4 issue run, Archie vs Predator has been a treasure trove of glorious insanity, and the finale sticks the landing in spades. De Campi’s maniacal writing consistently stayed true to Archie’s…

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Episode 165: Kelly v TMYN: Dawn of SDCC

This year’s Comic Con hammered us with wave after wave of announcements and trailers, we couldn’t tackle them on our own. Indomitable writer, Kelly Thompson (Jem, Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps), comes to our aid as we try to tackle as much of the news onslaught as possible while taking some time to talk about her current and upcoming projects and our mutual love for the new Archie book. Listen here: Next challenge:  Read Gotham Academy #1-6 Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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TMYN’S Comic Book Buy Pile 7/8/15

Myles: Archie #1 While the hype behind Archie #1 has been inescapable, there was always an air of “how will they pull this off?” about it. Sure, bringing in the superstar talents of Mark Waid and Fiona Staples to reboot the iconic series sounds great. But what would they do? Would it be this weird meta series will its tongue too firmly planted in its cheek a la The Brady Bunch Movie? Would they attempt to tell some darkened tale where Jughead is addicted to smack instead of hamburgers? Anything was within the realm of possibility, especially considering the moves the…

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TMYN’s Comic Book Buy Pile 6/17/15

Patrick: In the third installment of Dark Horse comic’s “Archie vs. Predator” things take a turn from worse to absolutely abysmal for the residents of Riverdale. A teenage predator is on the loose, and hunting and murdering Archie’s gang of pals one by one, or as we saw in the last issue, in a giant group.  Series writer Alex De Campi promised some ridiculous over the top moments in this book, and she has delivered so far in spades. This series has not held a lot of punches as characters have been killed left and right, and this issue is…

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Episode 138: The Crunk Witch That We Are

This week, we talked to the outrageous musical duo, Crunk Witch, about their new album and upcoming tour. The band graciously played along with our Nerd News shenanigans, talking about the Oscars and the craziest Archie crossovers! Check out the video for Crunk Witch’s “Moonbase Blues” here! Listen here: Next challenge: Watch Primer Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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