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Episode 286 – Into the Dadlands

  Brian Michael Bendis’ first foray into DC Comics has been announced, so the three Nerds chat a little bit about the comic company’s current trajectory while Patrick basks in the glow of his new television. They then find themselves thrown into a strange and unknown future for this challenge, watching the first season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic genre bender: Into the Bandlands. Listen Here: Next Week’s Challenge: Watch Turbo Kid on Netflix

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Episode 282 – 2017 Year End Spectacular: THE MOREY AWARDS

We wrap up another calendar year here at The More You Nerd with our annual MOREY AWARDS! We discuss our absolute top favorites in the categories of books, film, comics, video games and television. For the most part, all three of us had vastly different loves in 2017, which made for a fun, varied chat this year. We thank our listeners for another excellent year and can’t wait to catch you all again in 2018! Listen Here: Next Week’s Challenge: 2018!

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Episode 242: Zodiac Starforce!

Our Talk Nerdy segment this week is all movie reviews! For the first time in ages, all three nerds went to different movies for non-challenge flicks. Well, technically, Myles went twice. After that, we summon the power of Astra to discuss the truly excellent title from Dark Horse Comics, Zodiac Starforce! Next Week’s Challenge: Patrick’s Rewind Challenge: Steven Universe Episode Watch List: 1-12 “Giant Woman” 1-16 “Steven the Sword Fighter” 1-17 “Lion 2: The Movie” 1-20 “Coach Steven” 1-25 “Mirror Gem” (Part 1) 1-26 “Ocean Gem” (Part 2) 1-37 “Alone Together” 1-40 “On the Run” 1-45 “Rose’s Scabbard” 1-49 “The Message” 1-51…

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Episode 227: NYCC 2016 Special!

New York ComicCon happened last weekend, where a number of incredibly exciting announcements and reveals took place. After some Talk Nerdy To Me, the boys dive right into all of the comic, TV, and movie news that happened at the con this week. Spoiler: Myles goes nuts for the Power Rangers trailer. Listen here: Next Week’s Challenge: A one week break, then our Halloween Special: Watch IT FOLLOWS

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Episode 222 – Finding Molly With Justine Prado and Jenn St-Onge

Justine Prado and Jenn St-Onge, the writer and artist of Emet Comics‘ Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting, join us this week to discuss the inspiration behind their hilarious and sincere book as well as talking about their new Kickstarter to fund the Finding Molly graphic novel! It’s a rare treat to have both creators of a comic aboard, and we had an absolute blast talking about comics, cats, and comics about cats! Listen here: Fortnight’s Challenge: Escape From PATRICK’S BDAY CHALLENGE!

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Episode 210 – Happy Birthday, Myles. Kiss Reality Goodbye

For Myles’ birthday challenge, we dust off the Full Moon B-sci-fi/horror classic, Arcade. Much to his surprise, Drew and Patrick had more fun with it than expected! Before that, though, the boys swoon over the recently announced Destiny DLC, Rise of Iron, as well as more DC Rebirth books! Listen here: Fortnight’s Challenge: Watch Dreamworks and Netflix’s reboot of Voltron!

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