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Episode 225 – The Client Starred In A Great Comic

This week we travel back to the late 90’s as we read the Marvel Knights volume of Black Panther written by Christopher Priest. We delve into how this book reintroduced the Black Panther to a new audience, how this works even now without being dated, and why it’s still a great superhero comic even today! Listen here: Next Week’s Challenge: Watch the first season of Marvel’s Luke Cage for Netflix

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Episode 224- Nerds of Iron

The day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Destiny’s new expansion, Rise of Iron has released, and, boy, do we have some impressions. But first! Quentin Weir and Dan Reiss from Elderwood Academy join us to discuss their new products currently lighting up Kickstarter, the Scroll and Codex dice and rolling tray! We get into how the company got their start and talk about their process on making products that spice up the tabletop gaming experience! Listen here: Next Week’s Challenge: Read the first volume of Black Panther (1998) on Marvel Unlimited

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Episode 210 – Happy Birthday, Myles. Kiss Reality Goodbye

For Myles’ birthday challenge, we dust off the Full Moon B-sci-fi/horror classic, Arcade. Much to his surprise, Drew and Patrick had more fun with it than expected! Before that, though, the boys swoon over the recently announced Destiny DLC, Rise of Iron, as well as more DC Rebirth books! Listen here: Fortnight’s Challenge: Watch Dreamworks and Netflix’s reboot of Voltron!

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Episode 174: Patrick: The Gathering

For Patrick’s grand birthday bash, our friend Steven Sunu, returns to the show! We chat a little bit over our current obsession, Destiny’s new expansion, The Taken King, before diving into Patrick’s birthday challenge of playing the legendary collectable card game, Magic: The Gathering. We discuss in depth the game’s origins, mechanics, the culture its developed, as well our personal histories with the game. Have to say we tapped an excellent conversation! Listen here: Next challenge: Read The Martian by Andy Weir. Subscribe: iTunes | RSS

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Destiny – The Legendary Retrospective the hosts of The More You Nerd we have played more Destiny than probably any other game. In this week’s blog post we look at the game after 6 months and try and sum up the gaming experience. Continue reading Destiny – The Legendary Retrospective