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Patrick and Myles’ Comic Book Buy Pile 8/26/15

Myles: As I mentioned last month, IDW Publishing‘s Godzilla in Hell is a conceptual dream come true. My concern was as great as this concept was, the risk of it slipping into simple novelty with the subsequent issues would run high. But the fine folks at IDW retain the concept’s freshness, aided in part by their novel approach to the series: having a different creator craft each individual issue that chronicles Godzilla’s trek through various levels or domains of Hell. Noted sci-fi/fantasy/horror artist, Bob Eggleton, takes over the writing and artistic duties for Godzilla in Hell #2 to astounding results. Unlike…

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TMYN’S Comic Book Buy Pile 7/15/15

Patrick: My pick this week is a new comic from a familiar creator that we have spoken about on the podcast. “Mercury Heat” #1 from Avatar Press Inc, written by Keiron Gillen and art by Omar Francia is out today. Gillen you know from books like cult classic ‘Phonogram’ and the smash hit ‘The Wicked + The Divine’ both from Image comics. We’ve talked on the podcast about the excellent character building and dialogue he brings to Marvel books as well, particularly (my favorite) his run on ‘Young Avengers’. So it was really his name that made me pick this issue off the rack…

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